Little Theatre Group PRESENTS – Delicate Engagements

Costa Rica’s Little Theatre Group – “Delicate Engagements”

WHEN: March 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, and 13th
WHERE: Casa LTG in Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica

Reward yourself with a little light entertainment this weekend in San Jose (or put down a date for the following one) and prepare to spend 2 hours literally laughing out loud with this delectably funny comedy, Delicate Engagements.

The Little Theatre Group of Costa Rica, based in San Jose, have a fine range of actors in the cast with such impeccable comic timing, it can only guarantee a stellar performance. Arranged in single acts, the first part is titled, The Marriage Proposal, which obviously does not go according to plan. Ivan Vassiliyitch Lomov comes to propose marriage to his neighbor´s daughter, Natalia, setting the scene for some seriously hilarious moments and promises to have most prospective husbands-to-be running for the hills after sitting through this! Watch out for the brilliant Tom Humes, Lisa DeFuso and Theodore Hope.

The second part called, A Bright Morning, features Vicky Longland, Russell Bell, Liah Sample and Diego Rojas, where this delightful mix of sentiment and wit, chronicles a chance encounter between two aging strangers who once shared a great romance. Expect the unexpected, but take a few tissues as you may well need them!

If you have never been to Costa Rica’s Little Theatre Group, now is the perfect time to go and relish a few hours of escapism and delight in this side-splitting comedy which promises to bring the house down!

To book your reservations go to reservations.html or telephone 88581446

Available dates are 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th and 13th March, with variable matinee and evening performances, but do reserve early with tickets selling out fast.

To find the Little Theatre Group, go to their website,

Pura Vida Costa Rica!




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