A couple from the UK were interviewed in recent days on a magazine program called ” This Morning ” by hosts Eamonn Holmes and his wife, Ruth Langsford.  Matt and Adele Allen were invited into the studio to talk about their somewhat unconventional approach to the parenting of their two children, five year old Ulysses and one year old, Ostara.  Adele explains that their self-titled, “Off-Grid” parenting is based upon allowing their children the freedom of choice with no rules, boundaries or even the use of any conventional medicine.

Her five year old boy for example, does not attend school and still breast feeds on demand, primarily when he needs the comfort from his mother.  And when asked by Eamonn if Adele herself educates her son, she explains that she does not abide by the standard of home schooling set out by the government and prefers leaving the choice of subjects for her son to decide, “Education is important but we don’t think we should be pushing traditional learning on the kids at a young age.”

Rather more worryingly is the Allen´s belief in home remedies to treat their children´s illnesses where, in their opinion, the young bodies build up their own immune system naturally and any fevers should be allowed to run their course instead of rapidly trying to bring temperatures down, as conventional medicine would normally do.  Unsurprisingly, both their young children have had no early vaccines, there to protect against the more dangerous diseases and viruses during infancy.

But to lead on from the story, after which Adele had mentioned on This Morning her desire to move her family to Costa Rica (which was watched by several million viewers in the U.K) and literally hours after their appearance, these “Off-Grid” parents set up a fund-raising scheme for the public to donate, with the sole aim of buying land here, enabling them to live freely amongst nature with a “self-sustainable” lifestyle.  Their begging script goes onto explain, “Our ultimate goal is to become self – sufficient, the way of making that happen is by moving to Costa *Roca and buying a big plot of land where we can grow food, and have access to wildlife and nature in it’s natural state.”

*Just to point out to our readers here on Pura Vida Guide, the Allen´s have misspelled “Rica” as in Costa Rica, but hopefully they can still manage to get to the right country to live their dreams, funded by generous-minded people of course?

We, at Pura Vida Guide will possibly donate a dollar to their needy cause, “fundmytravel“, that is if we have a minute during our busy “work” schedule to send the money over.  But if you feel so inclined to pay for this family to live for free in Costa Rica, then by all means.  In return for such generosity, the Allen´s intend to write a book and share with us all their “Off-Grid” parenting skills which will be sent, when it is written, to everyone who donates to this (erm?) worthy cause or charity or perhaps, (as some may think), utterly bonkers idea?

So far and quite remarkably, there have been a few people happily to donate to the Allen´s, with a reckoning of about $90 up until going to publication.  Assuming that it has been given by the Brits, with their renown generosity, who wish them to come and live in Costa Rica, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

For more information about their unconventional approach to parenting, you can follow them on their Facebook page.

A clip from the “Off-Grid” interview on “This Morning”



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    • Are my eyes deceiving me? Have either one of these “parents”(I use the term very loosely) ever had any educating themselves? Normally I might post on something like this & try to stay positive. BUT, I’m so appalled & dumb founded by this couple that I can’t hold myself back. First, being a parent means teaching your children! How can anyone with no knowledge, no skills to discern make any kind of meaningful decision for themselves? You might as well put them in the middle of a jungle all alone & tell them to teach themselves all they need to know without any explanations, with no security, with no protection. Let me clarify here I’m not a huge advocate of vaccines, however there are times when our body absolutely needs medical help. A perfect example (& simple enough that even this uneducated couple should be able to understand) is, if your eyes become ill & cease to work properly, you seek out a doctor & obtain glasses. If an organ fails, you seek a transplant which requires medicine to keep your body from rejecting it or having other bad side effects. Children are not born with the capabilities of taking care of themselves or educating themselves without the help of others. & to allow your child whatever they want is to “teach” them how to be self centered and have respect for no one. If, you should some how escape not having your children taken from you, you will find all this to be true when your children show no respect for you as they age, when they will demand that you fill their every wish. Or you “teach” them by example to be as self centered as yourselves & expect people who have worked for their money to pay you to live somewhere free. You would do well to learn what “self – sufficient” means. You are the sorriest excuse of the total opposite of “self – sufficient”. I & my husband worked many years to afford to move to this wonderful country of Costa Rica (not Roca). And I can tell you right now Costa Rica is a smart country of which you will never be allowed to be residents because they scrutinize people seeking residency here to make sure that before they move here they can support themselves. & living off donations does NOT meet the criteria of supporting yourselves. All in all, this article tells me that you are the most incredibly lazy people who are living their lives WORSE than wild animal do. Wild animals have sex & have babies, but then they teach their off spring, they hunt to provide for their offspring, they don’t lye in their nests & expect the other animals to provide for themselves, they don’t leave their children with no teachings of how to survive. Either this article is a joke or these are the sorriest excuse for people I’ve ever heard of. I’m hoping it’s a bad joke.

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