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Nov 15, 2014 @ 9:00 pm

Panteros666 (Bromance Records)

GRATIS hasta las 10:00pm Uniéndose a este evento.
5000c hasta las 10:00pm

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Using his cyborg-drummer background and his experience within the band Sexual Earthquake in Kobe and The Teenagers (Kitsune/XL Recordings), the hypeactive Panteros is now producing some bulldozer club tunes. Panteros666 is the perfect combination between ancient Aztec rituals, trancy synths and crazy electro tribal beats. If you had to map Panteros, he would certainly be between Tenochtitlan and London. Panteros666 is some kind of Indiana Jones of electronic music. He is offering you his tracks on the danceflooor just like if you were discovering some antique treasures. He’s also been continuously fed by many other kinds of digital commodities : YouTube vids, gifs and jpgs found through extended scrolling sessions on self-generated pics websites. His first mini LP « Hyper Reality » + Live show, released on Brodinski’s label Bromance, unites both Panteros66′s obsessions with technologies and music.

Invita: LaRopería

Visuales: Random Glitch Band
Fotografías: Christy Guzmán
Fotos Instantáneas: 1000 colones



El Steinvorth

Calle 1, Aves 0-1. San José, Costa Rica, San José, 1010 Costa Rica 

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