SCUM-BAGS! Rouges at Costa Rica Based Call Center Found GUILTY!


Rouges at Costa Rica Based Call Center Found GUILTY!

Conspirators of an evil call center set up in Costa Rica by US citizens, Jeffrey Robert Bonner 37, Cody Trevor Burgsteiner 33, and Darra Lee Shephard 57 have pleaded guilty before the US Magistrate Judge. David Keesler of the Western District of North Carolina.  Sentencing dates have yet to be set.

During 2007 up until November 2012, Burgsteiner and Shephard worked for the owner, Jeffrey Robert Bonner at his call center in Costa Rica, placing telephone calls to unsuspecting victims in the US, many of whom were elderly.  The scam falsely informed the residents that they had won a substantial amount of money in a “fictional sweep-stake”.

Preying on the vulnerable, those who fell for the tale were told that a “refundable insurance fee” was required before the cash could be administered and once the victim was snared, further demands were made.

Each time, the excuses given to the so-called “winner” were because of clerical errors or due to the prize increasing, where additional cash was needed to pay for the newly purported fees.

All calls from Costa Rica made by the three offenders, used a voice over internet service, VoIP which displayed a 202 area code, giving the impression that the calls were coming from the Washington DC.

Often the conspirators lured their victims by pretending to be from the US Federal Agency, giving a false sense of security and thereby causing devastating losses to hundreds of US citizens, many of whom had passed over their life-savings.

Boner, Burgsteiner and Shephard have all pleaded guilty to a number of fraudulent charges amounting to $9 million stolen over the five years in operation.

For further information and advice to protect your loved ones from internet fraud, please go immediately for help such as Scamwarners or to your local police station and always bear in mind the following, “if it´s too good to be true, it probably isn´t!”



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