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DNCFLR BASH! feat. Sputnk

Sep 21, 2012 @ 9:00 pm  —  Sep 22, 2012 @ 2:30am

DNCFLR y El Steinvorth presentan: DNCFLR BASH! feat. Sputnk

– El Steinvorth
– Viernes 21 de Septiembre, 9:00pm
– 3000c

– Sputnk

Sputnk (formerly known as Jueputasal) started playing music for friends back in late 2008 because no one in San Jose was playing what he wanted to hear at their parties. Heavily influenced by Indie-Rock and the whole “Remix Era” of 2006-2008, he started on playing all the Dance remixes of the bands he loved.
In 2009, after streaming his DJ sets on Internet for months, he took the local scene by surprise with his never-ending-dance energy on stage. By September 2009 together with Bullon, Jorgelectro and Vladimir, he formed DNCFLR, a DJ crew that started throwing Indie-Dance/Electro Parties all over town. DNCFLR became the go-to party among the alternative/indie/hipster kids in Costa Rica. Since its inception, DNCFLR has consistently sold out shows every month while brining international Electro DJs to Costa Rica. Sputnk has toured North and South America alike, playing some of the biggest parties everywhere he’s been. With a few remixes and originals on the works and more international shows lining up, 2012 is set to be his break-thru year.



Las entradas de preventa las pueden comprar en El Steinvorth
O acá mismo: https://www.facebook.com/DNCFLR?sk=app_135607783795

– Photobooth: Agustin Fallas!

– Dirección:
Calle 1, Ave 1-0, San José, Costa Rica
Dirección a la tica:
400 oeste y 50 sur del Hotel del Rey, San José, Costa Rica
Otra dirección a la tica:
50 norte de Wendys Avenida Central, San José, Costa Rica

Parqueo privado contiguo hasta las 3am



El Steinvorth

Calle 1, Ave Central., San José, 10104 Costa Rica 

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