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Block Party feat. KNOWLEDJ (dj oficial del tour de The Weeknd)

Feb 27, 2016 @ 9:00 pm

El siguiente sábado, 27 de febrero, 2016 se realizará el próximo Block Party, un verdadero fiestón de HIP HOP! En esta edición tenemos invitado el dj oficial del tour de The Weeknd, DJ KnowleDJ, directo desde Las Vegas.

KnowleDJ / jörg / dUNN dj

Sobre nuestro dj invitado KnowleDJ:

Official DJ for the World’s Number One Hypeman, Fatman Scoop

Check out their legendary mix here:

Headlining top clubs in Vegas from Marquee, miX at Mandalay Bay, Hard Rock, and more.

Headlined over 50 clubs throughout the U.S/ Canada/ UK/ Ireland over the past year alone.

Life Enthusiast. Social Activist. Party Rocker Extraordinaire.

Most DJ’s are barely worth remembering- KnowleDJ brings you a party to never forget. Other DJ’s spin music- he does crazy ish. Like really crazy. When’s the last time you heard an entire club sing the national anthem? Or had college girls, hipsters, thugs, and red necks on the same dance floor screaming for more? It’s probably why he has such a massive following from his residencies at some of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas to over 50 cities worldwide. He headlines from coast to coast in more clubs in a year then other DJ’s spin in a lifetime. How did he get so in demand? Have a listen to one of his legendary mixes to see for yourself. Partiers worldwide jam to his custom mind blowing mashes. His mixes inspire people to do everything from car dancing in Pinto’s to doing the Egyptian in Peru. But forget his incredible club rocking skills. Or his turntablism, ferocious mic presence, and showmanship that exceed entire DJ crews let alone any single DJ. He doesn’t care about stuff like that. KnowleDJ just wants to make sure you party EPIC anytime you get on his dance floor.

Te invitan:
Hoxton Pub
Hoes n Gangstas
Red Bull

Cacique & Red Bull 2500c toda la noche.

maes: 3000
chicas: gratis



Hoxton Pub

Boulevard Los Yoses, San José, 1590 Costa Rica 

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