Diner en Blanc in Costa Rica 2016

2nd Annual Dîner en Blanc 2016 in Costa Rica

Costa Rica´s most coveted secret is now out and how to get invited to the best white party ever!

If you have never heard of this event, then you can be forgiven with last year being the first ever held in Costa Rica, but without exception, this is one magical night you will never forget!

Originally, the concept came from François Pasquier some 27 years ago, who decided to organize a “posh” picnic for his friends in Paris, where he requested for them all to wear white so he could easily spot his guests in a public place of the Bois de Boulogne. They gathered around white linen dressed tables, set out extravagantly in a beautiful setting, to enjoy fine gourmet food and wines whist watching the sun go down.

What could be more decadent than that and there´s no surprise his annual party grew into an international phenomenon? From there, some 70 cities in more than 35 countries have had, or are about to have a Dîner en Blanc which now includes Costa Rica´s 2nd year being held on the 5th March.

Of course, the main criteria is to wear white and that means from head to toe (no cheating!) and the more elegant and flamboyant, the better! Invitations are select, and for those who attended the first Dîner en Blanc will automatically have been re-invited to the one this year.

Now Faze II has just been announced, new guests are permitted to enter their names either through the website request form http://sanjose.dinerenblanc.info/ or by going to their Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/DinerEnBlanc.SanJose/timeline

Tickets are fierce, so do not dawdle on this one or you will sadly miss out or go directly onto the waiting list!

And so starts the mysterious Dîner en Blanc begins. You will be requested to meet at certain points around the city of San José and from there, escorted to a secret location. All that is promised is opulence and splendor and one that befits the grandeur of such an occasion, to enjoy the company of beautiful people and share in the delight that you are the chosen ones.

Both you and your partner take whatever delights you choose to eat and drink with a suggestion to bring fine cutlery and plates along with some flowers and candles, baring in mind, this IS supposed to be an extremely “posh” picnic! The atmosphere will be dynamic with every chance of meeting plenty of new people and making good friends whilst feasting upon the beautiful scenery and surroundings.

If you are still not convinced, then take a look at the photo´s on their gallery from the 2015 event to see what you could be missing.








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