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Xandari Spa Village at the Xandari Resort & Spa in Central Alajuela

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Xandari Spa Village

The Xandari Spa Village is located in the beautiful Xandari Resort & Spa just 5km from Central Alejuela. The Spa Village is set in lush tropical garden sitting 3900 ft or 1200 meters in elevation, giving customers breathtaking views of Costa Rica’s Central Valley.

Xandari Spa is ideal for a getaway day of relaxation getaway as it is only 20 mins from San José and San José International Airport. Xandari is self described as a ‘hidden jewel’ of Costa Rica.

Xandari Spa Village is dedicated to using natural ingredients provided generously by the surrounding lush nature.

Xandari Spa Village offers customers a unique ‘Special Feature’ at Xandari where you have your own palm-roofed jalapa with an open-air jacuzzi, perched on a hill overlooking the Central Valley. It is highly recomended that you relax in the jacuzzi before or
after your treatment to maximize your spa experience to the fullest.

Private Jacuzzi before or after treatment.
25 min. $15 or $30 per hour for one or two persons

Healing Herbs Jacuzzi Infusion of fresh-cut herbs is added to jacuzzi. Enhances relaxation, benefits circulation and respiratory
system. 25 min. $20 or $35 per hour for one or two persons



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