Villa Rey
  • Landline: 2228 4950
  • Website:
Opening Hours
  • Sunday
    11 am~11 pm
  • Monday
    11 am~11 pm
  • Tuesday
    11 am~11 pm
  • Wednesday
    11 am~11 pm
  • Thursday
    11 am~11 pm
  • Friday
    11 am~11 pm
  • Saturday
    11 am~11 pm

Villa Rey Chinese Restaurant in Escazú

  • 5829
Dining options Lunch, Dinner
Price mid range
Cuisine asian, chinese

Villa Rey Chinese Restaurant

Villa Rey Restaurant is a well know Chinese restaurant in Escazú. Villa Rey is a classic style Chinese restaurant, nothing swanky, but good food.

The Chinese food at Villa Rey is not the most authentic Chinese food in Costa Rica as various dishes have an influence of Costa Rica.

Traditionally a beef with oyster sauce will come with small cuts of beef, at Villa Rey you get a few large steaks! If you like Moo Shoo pork, they serve up a delicious dish.

Villa Rey offers full delivery service to the Escazú area.



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