Beatle Bar
Opening Hours
  • Sunday
    6:00 pm~2:30 am
  • Monday
    6:00 pm~2:30 am
  • Tuesday
    6:00 pm~2:30 am
  • Wednesday
    6:00 pm~2:30 am
  • Thursday
    6:00 pm~2:30 am
  • Friday
    6:00 pm~2:30 am
  • Saturday
    6:00 pm~2:30 am

The Beatle Bar in Jacó

  • 7232
Dining options Dinner, After hours
Price mid range
Cuisine american, international

The Beatle Bar

If you have not heard of The Beatle Bar, then perhaps you have been living under a rock. The Beatle Bar is well known establishment in Jacó that would be primarily classified as a ‘Gentlemens´ Club’. The Beatle Bar is located on the main street of Jacó, about 100m North of the Monkey Bar.´

The Beatle Bar is one of the more famous bars in Central America, known more for its mix of Latin woman and Costa Rica’s hottest pole dancers performing every night.

The Beatle Bar is an air conditioned bar that was recently renovated by its American Management. The bar also offers a full menu of decent American style food, whilst you watch the scantily clad woman do their thing. The bar has great energy and if you are looking for female companionship, then this bar is most definitely a hot spot you should check out.



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