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PHO Vietnamese Restaurant and Café in Lindora

  • 6100
Dining options Lunch, Dinner
Price mid range
Cuisine asian, fusion, vietnamese

PHO Vietnamese Restaurant and Café

PHO Vietnamese Restaurant and Café is a new stylish Asian cafe located in Lindora, between Santa Ana and Belen. PHO restaurant is the first all authentic Vietnamese restaurant to be introduced to San José, or Costa Rica.

Aptly named, PHO, this Vietnamese restaurant focuses on the traditional cuisine found in Vietnam. If you have not had the experience of tasting Vietnamese cuisine, it is similar to Thai food, yet so very different. Spicy, sour, and sweet flavors of the cuisine come from a variety of fresh local ingredients.

Phở (pronounce “fah”) is the most traditional dish in Vietnam, eaten every day by locals It is a healthy broth-based soup that is mixed with a choice of various noodles and meats, then topped with fresh herbs, hoisin sauce, chili sauce, lime juice, thinly sliced green onions and crispy fresh bean sprouts. Since Pho has become introduced to North American and European cities, it is now an extremely popular cuisine. For a first timer… try the most common favorite, Phở Tai (rare beef noodle soup).

PHO restaurant also offers a menu of other traditional dishes that include salad rolls, fried rolls (a must try) as well as curries and noodle dishes. Truly, the new PHO Vietnamese Restaurant and Café offers Costa Rica a new type of Asian cuisine that should be experienced by all.

PuraVida Guide recommends that Costa Rica diners stop in and experience the delicious exotic flavors that fill the menu of PHO!



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