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Apply For a Loan with Bad Credit

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Are you cash trapped? Has your loan applications been turned down by your banks and other financial institutions despite spending almost your entire life banking with them? Have you gotten to a point where the only questions on your mind are: “WHY ME? “How will I get out of this? “Is there any way out? “Is there a solution??

We are not just your way out but we are your solution. We have rescued many who were in dire situations worse than that which you may have found yourself in right now. Follow their footsteps by contacting us and you will feel as if you were just woken up from a terrible nightmare. With us, your financial ruins and nightmares will become history.

With our wealth of experience in the finance industry, we not only know the ins and out of financial crisis but the pains associated with being turned away by banks and other financial institutions when help is most needed. At Fountain View Capital, your credit scores/status are never a criteria.

Our loan packages are designed to be customer friendly, remove the hiccups and burden associated with defaults or late payments. Our loans are life savers and not meant to further submerge the borrower deeper into debts but to be a spring to jump-start financial growth and yields that guarantee financial freedom and independence.

Our loans are in diverse categories, (long and short terms). Our experienced loan Managers are always ready and on standby to furnish prospective applicants with full details once an inquiry is received.